details and helpful hints


::: Prints :::


Prints are now available to order via your online preview. I have had great experience with this printer and trust them with your images. You will be able to choose photo finishes and sizes. You can even have custom cards and gifts printed with your photographs. This is a great option for holidays, announcements, invitations and more! With each portrait package, you will also have the option of purchasing the cd of printable images. I strive to keep all of these options affordable.


::: Locations + Lighting :::

I am always open to your ideas for locations. Perhaps you have a park that is special to you, or you would like something more urban. I am happy to discuss these with you, make suggestions or listen to your ideas. I am a natural light photographer, and sunlight will always be a consideration. During the middle of the afternoon, we need somewhere with shade because the overhead sun can cast some unflattering shadows, not to mention headache-inducing squinting! The morning and the hour before sunset cast beautiful light and are always great options.


::: Clothing :::

A few things to consider when picking out your portrait day fashions… If you are wearing high heels, consider bringing some slip on shoes to wear between takes. At some locations, there may be a little bit of walking to do from the parking area or from one background to the next.

Avoid wearing stripes, bold patterns, logos or anything that might be distracting. Bright reds can reflect red tones on your face. Earth tones photograph very nicely. Depending on your skin tone and the session location, I may suggest not wearing all white. This can wash out your complexion. I generally recommend wearing something with sleeves. It can help to test out how your clothes look when sitting, as some shirts can pucker at certain angles. Wearing short, tight skirts and dresses may limit your posing options.

Check your manicure! This is especially to be considered for Senior Portraits or Engagement Portraits where we may feature hands for showing off rings.


::: Newborn Sessions :::

The best time for a newborn session is in the first 5-7 days, when they are still sleepy and all curled up and cozy. This is not always possible, just an ideal time. If you let me know your due date, we can flexibly schedule your newborn session. If you would like naked baby portraits, keep them in loose fitting clothing and loosen their diapers just a bit prior to the session so that they have fewer impressions in their skin from elastic. These are open ended sessions, and you will be free to nurse, feed, and comfort as you and baby desire. I want baby and parents to be comfortable and at ease during these low key, relaxing portrait sessions. I will happily come to your home or you may come to mine. We only need room near a window with natural light. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.


::: Pet Portraits :::

I love working with animals! Your well-behaved pet is always welcome at portrait sessions. Please notify me before hand if you will be including your pet in a family portrait. This lets me plan ahead of time to be sure that we hold your portrait session at a pet-friendly location. All pets must have current vaccinations and be under the control of an owner over age 18.